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SOLI HYBRID 3BL mesa com 3 prateleiras - preto

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FOUR BUILDING BLOCKS Ingenuity is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. The design process has revealed that only four building blocks are necessary to perfectly adapt the rack design to most A/V systems. The four building blocks are comprised of: the shelf-kit, 200mm corner-pillars, 275mm corner-pillars and finally 350mm corner-pillars. HYBRID STACKED AND ARRANGED AS A MEDIA BRIDGE 1900 X 500 X 750MM (W X D X H) HYBRID STACKED AND ARRANGED AS A MEDIA BRIDGE 1900 X 500 X 750MM (W X D X H) ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT COMPROMISE It is widely accepted that resonance control is essential in order to eliminate spectral contamination distortion. Resonating support systems cause masking of low level information and coloration, emphasizing some frequencies and reducing others. Most of the materials and techniques used in the conventional racks and support systems have unacceptable drawbacks and are not suitable for high-end usage. Very few structural materials deal efficiently with the requirements of both rigidity and dampening. The ideal audio support platform has to be both uniform in structure as well as rigid for its size and shape. SOLID FOUNDATION The Hybrid's ultra solid and rigid foundation is made up of two of our own developed aluminum-extrusions. A CONVENIENT SOLUTION 1290 X 500 X 750, 550MM (W X D X H, H) A CONVENIENT SOLUTION 1290 X 500 X 750, 550MM (W X D X H, H) EXTENSIVELY BRACED NON-RINGING CORNER PILLAR DESIGN With literally four tubes in a tube we dare to say that our own and unique aluminum extrusion corner-pillar design has the highest stiffness to weight ratio in the industry. The extensive internal bracing cater for a very stiff and non- ringing design. To further enhance the resonance characteristics and to provide a sink for externally as well as internally born resonances and vibrations the cavities can be filled with fine grain sand. Sand has the ability to conform to the entire surface of the corner-pillar, efficiently constraining and dampening the resonance modes even further. Also the short pillar lengths contribute to that the bending forces (vibrations) are minimized. In short, the Hybrid corner-pillars do what the best corner-pillars should do: be seen and not heard! BOTTOM VIEW BOTTOM VIEW SOLID FRAMEWORK DESIGN Our own developed and oversized aluminum extrusion shelf console is a solid framework design which not only support the shelf, it makes it more rigid keeping the resonances at a low level, The consoles are available and anodized in either black or silver finish. STURDY AND RESONANCE FREE CONNECTION By using a 10mm steel Cross Dowel, with identical length as the console's contact surface and a calculated precise fit to the corner pillar's slot, an upmost secure and stable connection is created comparable to as though the corner-pillar and console was a single unit. FELT PADDED BRASS ISOLATION DISC The block design does not only offfer endless flexibility but also ensures effective isolation between every shelf for enhanced performance. Externally as well as internally born resonances and vibrations are effectively reduced by the felt-padded isolation disc made from brass which create the necessary joint which stops the expansion of unwanted movements (resonances/vibrations) INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE The pillar design with its two cross-dowel slots cater for infinitely adjustable shelf position. OPTIONAL Unsurpassed isolation system that isolate each level from each other as well as from the floor. The Hybrid Isolation System consists of a special version of our Disc of Silence isolator that is securely attached to the pillar with one screw in the center. The system has the same performance and can be configured exactly as the Discs of Silence but has a 15% weight reduction in capacity compared to Discs of Silence.


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