Innuos Statement

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Innuos Statement

Nosso servidor principal, projetado para levar o áudio digital a um novo nível de desempenho.
Uma fonte High-End para os audiófilos mais exigentes.

Innuos Statement Reviews and Awards

Statement awarded 5-stars from The Ear The flagship Statement server streamer receives a full 5-Star review from The Ear, impressed by its transparent and open sound quality. The Statement is a more subtle source than most, its qualities are those of omission, it leaves out the distortion so that the music can come through. In this and all other respects this Innuos is a genuine state of the art component, put it on your ‘must hear’ bucket list straight away. Read Full Review ( > • Dec 2018
The Statement makes it in to the HiFi+ list of Top 100 products from the past 20 years! Taking the already excellent ZENith SE platform to its conclusion, the two-box music server from Innuos is proving to be a tough act to beat in today’s music server world. Hi-Fi+ Top 100 • APR 2019
HiFi+ Award Statement the Music Server of the Year 2018 The Statement wins the HiFi+ Music Server of the Year, who found that even the briefest of exposure to the ZENith Statement shows you are in the presence of something special. The Hi-Fi+ AWARDS 2018 • Dec 2018


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