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Gold Note PH-1

595,00 €

HIGH PERFORMANCE MM & MC PHONO PREAMP WITH ULTRA LINEAR POWER SUPPLY PH-1 is a shielded MM & MC phono preamplifier with isolated power supply that can be used with large variety of phono cartridges. The silent background stage is ideal to match PH-1 with low output MC cartridges (down to 0.15mV). To optimize audio performances, PH-1 features our proprietary quadruple stabilised. PH-1 was developed to be matched with any kind of MM and MC cartridges without the need of an external step-up transformer even when matched with cartridges with less than 10ohm of internal impedance. PH-1 will bring superior audio purity into your system, particularly if used in combination with the external super Power Supply.* *optional

Ficha técnica

Dimensions: 100mm W | 105mm H | 260mm D Weight: 3.5Kg Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz @ +/- 3dB THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): <0.05% THD @ 20Hz-20KHz Signal to Noise ratio: -88dB AUDIO INPUTS Analogue Inputs: 1 stereo RCA Input Sensitivity: 0.15mV MC, up to 7.0mV MM Input Impedance: 470Ω MC or 47kΩ MM GAIN: 65dB MC & 45dB MM AUDIO OUTPUTS RCA Line output level: 2V RCA fixed POWER MAINS SUPPLY – 100V ▪ 115V ▪ 230V ▪ 50 or 60Hz (depending on market destination, not convertible) POWER SUPPLY – Ultra Linear POWER CONSUMPTION – 20watt Max


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